Invite a player to create an account

Players with an account can:

  1. receive email messages
  2. register 
  3. pay towards their team fees 
    1. (only for teams created via a distributed team payment registration)

How to Invite Player

  • 1. In the your stats admin click on Players
  • 2. Search the desired player's name
  • 3. Click on the Invite link

  • 4. An invite window will appear
  • 5. Add the player's email address
  • 6. Click the invite link

If the email address is already associated with an account it will link the player right away. 

Otherwise the player will receive an email to create an account. Once the player has created their account they will be able to receive messages.

Exempt Players

Players that do not allow messages will not be able to receive email messages. Players can opt in or out via the Notifications page inside their account.