Connect your Domain Name

New websites are provided a temporary subdomain. Example:

We do not provide domain names but you can register a domain with any registrar. Example registrars: or 

When you're ready to connect your domain:

  1. Please reach out our support via email and tell us what your domain name is.
  2. We will reply with 4 name servers for you to update in your registrar's admin panel. Instructions:

If you don't see your registrar listed above and need help please reach out to our support with the name of your registrar.

Important: Once you have updated the name servers please let us know so we can:

  1. set your primary domain (replaces temporary subdomain with your domain name)
  2. add SSL / HTTPS

After setting the new name servers it may take up to 24 hours before your new website is live. This is due to a propagation delay while the Internet's domain name servers are updated.

If you get stuck or have any questions please email support.