Add a News Article

To create a news article on your website follow these steps:

  1. Click News in the main menu of the website admin
  2. Click the Add News button near the top of the page
  3. Add your news article title
  4. Add your article to the editor
  5. We recommend adding an image to go with your news article
    1. In the right sidebar click the Select button under News Slider > Media
    2. Click the Select Photo button and find the image file on your computer that relates to your news article
  6. Click the Save button near the top right corner of the add news article screen

Advanced Features

  • Published Date - you can change the article published date to the future or past to control the order of news articles
  • Redirect - when a visitors clicks on the news article you can send them to a url instead of the news article
  • Hero Image - you can add a big image above the article
  • Author - you can edit the author (default is the name tied to your user account)
  • Article Summary - shows additional text when the news article appears in the News Slider widget