Edit the Main Menu

How to edit the main menu on your website:

  1. Make you have already created any pages you want to add to your menu
  2. Click Menu in the main menu of the website admin

Add a new menu item

Use the following steps to add a new menu item:

  1. Click the Add Menu Item button
  2. You add various types of menu links
    1. Page - links to a page you created
    2. Registrations - links to a registration you created in the stats admin
    3. Stats - links to schedule, scores standings, etc
    4. News Article
    5. Event
    6. Photo Album
    7. External Link - links to a url outside of your website
    8. Unlinked Menu Item - used a parent menu item title for a submenu (not linked to anything)
  3. Click the desired type of menu item, complete any required steps and click Save
  4. The new menu item will be added at the bottom of your menu

Move a menu item

Use the following steps to move a menu item:

  1. You can use the drag icon to the left of the menu title to move the widget up or down in menu order. You can also drag a menu item under and to right a bit to create a submenu.
  2. Click the Save button near the top right corner of the screen to save your changes