Scoring Games with Player Stats

This article explains how to score games while recording players stats.

Score games with player stats:

  1. Click on Schedule in the main stats menu
  2. Make sure your league/season/division and date filters are set correctly to show the game you want to score
  3. Click the Score link on the game row for the game you want to score

Step 1 - Add game roster

  1. On the Roster tab of the score game page check off the players that will be playing
  2. Depending on your access level you can add new players to teams using the add row at the bottom of the roster
  3. If any players are playing under a different number update the number field for each player
  4. If multiple goalies are rostered make sure the starting goalie has the starting check box checked

Step 2 - Score game

Use the following tabs to record the game details:

  • Goals: Record goals
  • Penalties: Record penalties
  • Players: Record player shots and faceoffs (will not show if you're not tracking these stats)
  • Goalies: Record goalie saves and time in/out of the net
  • Officials: Record which officials worked the game
  • Stars: Record 3 player stats of the game

Step 3 - Set the game to final

Above the tabs between the home and away set the drop down box to Final.