Import Games

If you prefer to create your schedule in Microsoft Excel or a scheduling program that generates a .csv file you can import your game schedule.

Import games from .csv or .xlsx:

  1. Click Schedule in the main stats menu
  2. Click the Import Games button
  3. In the Upload File section Download the Import Template
  4. Open the downloaded import template file on your computer with Microsoft Excel.
  5. Remove the sample rows and add your games
  6. Save the import template as .xlsx or .csv
  7. Back in the stats system on the Import Games page select your league and season
  8. Under Import File click the Select File button, browse to your game schedule file you saved and click Open
  9. If you included a column in your game schedule called Game Type then leave the Game Type field as Choose from CSV
  10. Click the Continue button
  11. If your import file is error free you will be taken to an import complete screen with details of the import

Troubleshooting errors with your import file

If there is a problem with your import file the stats system will try and suggest what might be wrong. The most common errors are team names, facilities, rinks and divisions in the import file don't match what is in the stats system.

Here is an example error:

This error is telling us there is a problem on Row 2 of our import file in the Home Team column. The stats system cannot find a matching team called Royal.

Let's examine the import file

On Row 2 the Home Team is Royal in the Gold Division

Now let's examine the stats system

In the stats system in the Gold division there is a team called Royals so in this case we forgot to include the 's' on the end of Royals in the import games file. To fix the error we would update the import games file to Royals, save it and click the Reload Import File button on the Error screen.

Game type column

If your season is setup as League Play you can choose from the following game types:

  • Exhibition: Exhibition, EX
  • Regular Season: Regular Season, RS
  • Playoffs: Playoffs, PO

If your season is setup as a Tournament you can choose from the following game types:

  • Round Robin: Round Robin, RR
  • Playoffs: Playoffs, PO