Schedule Playoff Games

When scheduling playoff games you can put a seed name in place of the team name if you don't know the team yet.

Option 1 - Add games page:

  1. On the Add Games page choose Playoff - Seeded for the Game Type
  2. For each team choose the division and put whatever you like the in Seed box. Here is an example:
    • Home Team: Seed 1
    • Away Team: Seed 4
    • Notes: Semi-finals Game 1 of 3

Option 2 - Import games

  • If needed this article outlines importing games
  • In the Game Type column put "Playoffs" or "PO"
  • In the Team column put whatever you like, for example "Seed 1" or "1st Place"
  • For playoff games you are not required to create a team with a matching name
  • It is recommended you use the notes column, for example "Semi-finals Game 1 of 3"

Setting the teams

Once the regular season or round robin is finished you need to see the real teams. Follow these steps to set the teams:

  1. Click on Schedule in the main stats menu
  2. Make sure your league/season/division and date filters are set correctly to show the playoff games you want to set teams for
  3. Click the Edit link on the game row for the first game you want to see teams for
  4. Click the Set Team button for home to pop up the Set Home Team modal window
  5. Choose the division, team and then click Save
  6. Repeat the above process for the away team
  7. If you want to set the teams for multiple games you can use the blue arrows on the sides the Edit Game modal window to move between games