Import Players

You can import players into the stats system from a .csv or .xlsx Excel document. 

Import players from .csv or .xlsx:

  1. Click Teams in the main stats menu
  2. Click the Import Players button near the top of the page
  3. In the Upload File section Download the Import Template
  4. Open the downloaded import template file on your computer with Microsoft Excel.
  5. Remove the sample row and add your players (Only Team and First Name / Last Name are required)
  6. Save the import template
  7. Back in the stats system on the Import Players page select your league and season
  8. Under Import File click the Select File button, browse to the import template you saved and click Open
  9. It is recommended you keep Merge Players checked to prevent duplicate player objects
  10. Click the Continue button
  11. If your import file is error free you will be taken to an import complete screen with details of the import