Scoring Options

Adjusting scoring options will change the way your scorekeepers input game data.

Adjust scoring options:

  1. Click Leagues in the main stats menu
  2. Click on the league you want to adjust the scoring options for
  3. Click the Scoring tab


  • Time Remaining: Clock starts at 20:00 and counts down to 00:00 to end the period.
  • Time Elapsed: Clock starts at 00:00 and counts up to 20:00 to end the period.


  • Sort By: When the scorekeeper checks off player attendance the player can be listed by number or name. 


  • Goalie Shots/Saves: To calculate goalie save % you can input the goalie data as shots against or saves.
  • Player Shots: If you want to track individual player shots you can enable this option.


  • Faceoffs: If you want to track faceoff wins and loses for players you can enable this option.

Loose Balls (Lacrosse Only)

  • Loose Balls: If you want to track loose balls you can enable this option.